Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday February 20, 2009

Good Morning Everyone!

Wow it has been a busy week, we have had 3 luncheons, a kick off meeting and 2 night meetings, Edith has been running all week. (I only had to go to the kickoff meeting). There are just a few things I want to touch on before the weekend.

1. Please DO NO forget that if you are going to apply for the Scholarship that we are giving away the deadline for submission is February 27, 2009 at 5 pm. I will wait to get our mail until right at 5 o'clock. Good luck everyone this is a great project the Foundation is doing again.

2. Don't forget our major fundraiser "dancing with the roses - The 2nd Annual Alabama Roses Dinner". Not only are we giving away the scholarship that night we have a Special Guest who will be performing. Fabian Sanchez from the hit TV show "Dancing with the Stars" will be showing off his amazing dance moves as well as some other surprises. We will be holding it at the Harbert Center on March 26, 2009. We will have registration from 5:30 - 6:00 with dinner from 6 - 7:30. To register please call Noelle at (205) 453-0249 or email at (we will have a link to register and pay online by next week)

3. I attended the kickoff meeting for "Birdies for Charity" yesterday and wow, it promises to be an even bigger even than last year. I wanted to let everyone one that 100% of the money we raise goes to us. So, the more pledges we get the more we make. This year's grand prize in the "Guess The Birdies" contest will be entered into a drawing to win a "Stay & Play" Package at the Wold Golf Hall of Fame in St. Augustine, FL. I wanted also let you know that we are trying this year for what are called Bonus Bucks. Regions takes the 3 charities with the highest pledges and/or donations and gives them money.
A. Top pledge and/or donation - 100% match from Regions up to $10,000
B. 2nd place - 100% match from Regions up to $5,000
C. 3rd place - 100% match up to $2500
Plus those are in addition to what we raise. So, please help us make the Center some needed funds.

4. Don't forget that we have not 1 but 2 classes next week
A. Everything You Have Ever Wanted to know about Sales - Hoover Library - $20 - 02/25/09 11:30-1:00
B. The Business Art of Social Networking - CAWBC offices (2 N 20th St, Suite 830)- $15 - 02/26/09 11:30-1:00

That's all I have for now If I have forgotten something I will come back and re-post

Talk to you all later!


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  1. You two have been busy, haven't you! Good luck on your fund raising efforts.